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Free Consultation for implants plus 5% off to your contracted implant treatment.

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Free Consultation for implants plus 5% off to your contracted implant treatment.

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Our Dental Implant Process



& Planning

Before the procedure, Dr. Rattan will use advanced technology including CT scans, 3D facial scanners, intra-oral cameras to plan the ideal treatment for patients. Dr. Rattan will also discuss your medical history, current medications, and any current health problems to determine if you are an ideal candidate for oral surgery.



Dr. Rattan will present you with your treatment plan and discuss financing options. If you decide to proceed with treatment, your implant placement procedure will be scheduled for a later date. In some cases, a pre-op appointment may also be scheduled to discuss dental sedation, how to prepare, and to go over any prescriptions needed.


Surgery &

On the day of your appointment, Dr. Rattan will begin with the extraction of any remaining teeth and perform surgical treatment for the placement of dental implants. Four dental implants will be placed in the upper arch and an additional four implants will be placed in the lower arch. These implants will be used to support a temporary denture while the implant sites heal.


Recovery &
Final Restoration

The recovery time is approximately three months. Our caring dentists will explain to you everything about oral care during your recovery period. In the final step, the temporary acrylic teeth are replaced with permanent teeth that are made of sturdy materials.

The Next Best Thing To Real Teeth

Our Dental Implant Services

Single Tooth Implants

A single tooth implant is an ideal solution for individuals who are missing a single teeth. The replaced tooth replaces both the lost natural tooth and its root and will look and function like a natural tooth. 

Multiple Tooth Implants

Just like one missing tooth, several missing teeth can be easily treated with multiple dental implants. Implant supported teeth are permanently fixed in the mouth, unlike removable appliances like dentures.

Implant Supported Dental Bridges

For patients missing two or more consecutive teeth, an implant-supported dental bridge can provide a comfortable and natural-looking solution to restore their smile.

All-on-4 Implants

If you’ve lost all your teeth, an upper and lower set of All-on-4 Dental Implant may be a good solution. This system offers exceptional functionality and can withstand the rigors of chewing and biting. 

All-On-6 Implants

The All-on-6 is a variation of the All-on-4 technique based on the same concept but instead of four, it uses six implants that are placed in areas of the mouth with the highest bone volume.

Custom Dental Implant Abutment

The abutment is the connector that joins the implant to the replacement tooth or crown. Our custom-designed Abutment provides a superior fit that both clinicians and patients are sure to recognize.

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